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I am looking for some SEO tips/audit

SEO is fairly new for me and I want to make sure nothing I’m doing is affecting my ranking negatively and learn what I can do to help my rankings.

Is there someone who has experience with Bubble and how to optimize it for search engines?

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Hi @alexis.bellas

I would love to help you. Kindly reach out to me.

Best Regards

I’ve a check list of very practical tips specifically for Bubble apps - just to get the easy basics right.

There are plenty of other guides … and experts …

My checklist for getting the SEO basics right in a Bubble …

  1. Make SEO friendly URL using Slugs - see how here Knowcode

  2. Use lots of reference links to your own content (Bubble links not Button actions)

  3. Add structured content to your Blog pages - Learn About Article Schema Markup | Google Search Central  |  Documentation  |  Google Developers

  4. Enable your site map, set up the meta tags, description and everything in the Settings / SEO table in the Editor

  5. Get setup with Google console and submit a site map - There is a lot of guidance here of what to do.

  6. Use html H1, H2, H3 tags in your content. If you look at this page I’ve styled everything H1, H2, H3 so Google can “understand” the content easily. I’ve made lots of headings that could be picked up as “rich snippets”. There are many guides like this What are Rich Snippets? Complete Beginner's Guide

  7. More than just use the built-in generated sitemap in the editor - create a custom sitemap.xml that lists all your blog articles - with the Slug in the URL. So ALL your articles are in the sitemap and that sitemap is added to the Google console. I’ve a plugin that can help you with this

  8. Create Youtube videos and back link to your articles in the descriptions of the videos. In my experience Google indexes Youtube videos within an hour or two. Back-links is SEO terminology for getting links to your content widely distributed. It is known to help a lot with ranking.


Love your blogs, please keep publishing more :raised_hands:t2:

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Thank you! This is very helpful and exactly what I was looking for!

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