I am making a mobile application, how can i set footer at the end of the page like facebook or instagram? A stable footer at the end of page?

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You want the “floating group” element, and anchor it to the bottom of the page.

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How I find bottom of the page? Is there a specific length of page for mobile apps?

Also, different phones have different lengths, how can I find bottom of the page?

The floating group will stick to the bottom of the screen, regardless of what the page height is. The user can keep scrolling, but the floating group will always be at the bottom of the screen itself.

No but if you see Facebook and instagram, they have it fixed at the end of screen. So you dont have to scroll all the way down to end of the page.

Yes, that’s what I’m saying. It always appears on the screen.

I definitely suggest playing with the floating groups, that’ll do what you need it to.

Ok thanks :+1:t3:

I tried using floating group and setting it to bottom. However I am getting this white space in between. How can I remove that?

Try turning off the debugger

How do i do that?

When you’re previewing your app, delete the ?debug_mode=true part of the URL and reload

Thank you, it worked.

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