I built an AI storybook creator app

Built MVP in 3 weeks 100% on Bubble, integrated with OpenAI/Replicate on the backend side for AI capabilities. Ability to iterate quickly on Bubble, has been instrumental in refining product flows, since this is a very new category.

About the app:
You can try it at www.storygenius.me.

Create a storybook with your child as the star! Bring your own story or choose one of ours. Upload 1 photo and get a 100% unique and customizable digital storybook generated by AI for you.

Studies show that children find personalised storybooks more engaging. This helps young children develop positive attitudes towards reading and encourages reading for enjoyment, which in turn improves vocabulary, reading proficiency and comprehension.

Our tool helps you create beautiful, 100% personalised storybooks, in minutes, with the help of AI. You can control everything from illustrations to text to story, to get a storybook that your child can really connect to, culturally and emotionally.

Would love to get feedback of Bubble community on the idea as well as implementation. Please use discount code REVIEW to get 20% off.

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