Proposals wanted for MVP of Bubble and AI project for education

I am looking for proposals for a Bubble developer to build the MVP of an instructional design SaaS product called AiiD.

The vision is to create a platform where Users can:

  • Ability for users to create an account, log in, and save their completed courses.
  • Work through a series of webpages:
    • Step 1
      • User is asked to enter key information
      • These variables are used in an API call to generate a Course Design Document (CDD)
      • User edits the CDD in Bubble using Autobinding.
      • Parse out data from the CDD and store it in the Bubble database
    • Steps 2-3
      • Subsequent pages/steps include:
        • new input parameters from the User,
        • Parts of the CDD parsed out from Step 1
      • Used for new API calls to generate additional documents
      • View and edit these documents in the app.
    • Step 4
      • A single download for all the documents in Word, Google Docs, or other readily-available and editable content.

The API calls to GPT-4 use prompts that we have pre-written and tested. I have a rough skeleton of the inputs, workflows, and data that the developer can use as a draft to improve upon, or get a general idea from and start from scratch.

I am looking for proposals from independent Bubble developers and agencies. Please include:

  • Your hourly rate
  • estimated total hours to complete the MVP

If you need more details, please ask here or in a message. Thanks!


Hello Sir, I just sent you an inbox now

Hey @dr.samuel.helms :wave:

I will send you a direct message. :blush:


Im interested and would like to get in touch with you on a call to discuss in detail to enable give you the estimated timeframe for the project.

Kind regards,

Thanks everyone! I have received a lot of inquires and will start working through them.

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