I create a new thing but can't reference another thing


In my app, I have 2 things, a company and a sell order form. Users who see their company already on the app can create a sell order form for that company.

Currently, users arrive to this page where they can see if their company is registered (this is on the dropdown).

The workflow is such that when a company is picked, his UserType becomes a ‘seller’ and he is navigated to the 2nd page.

I have sent the company name via a parameter as you cant seem to send info via dropdown selections.
The next page is the sell order form of that company.

When a user hits submit now, the workflow is such that a new thing is created. However, I am having issues as I want to make a sell order for this specific company but I cant add it to its company field as seen below.

I want the Company to equal the text pulled from the dropdown on the previous page.
Any ideas on how to do this is greatly appreciated!!

You should send the company to the new page as the thing, not as plain text. Then catch the company in a group on the page or some input somewhere and then grab the company from that (hidden) group.

By that, do you mean I should set the ‘data to send’ on the Go to page sell_equity_form company data rather than current user?

as I can’t seem to do that via dropdown

Can you not save the company on the user when the click submit on the first page?

Rather than the Company Name, send the Company (i.e. the whole thing, not just a field).

So delete the name. Make sure the receiving page has type “Company” as page type.

You don’t need to send the User to the new page, the Current User will be the same on both pages.

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