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Sending Data - Form submission

I am trying to create the following workflow:

a button is clicked, a word is populated in a text box on another page.

I’ve tried sending data, creating a new thing but can’t get it right.


Not quite sure what you mean @bradley.cumming

Where is this other page ? Is it another page in your app that the user can go to ?

You will probably need to create a new thing, and set a field on that think to the input of the word on the form.

You can then display it on another page.

Appreciate your response.

Yes, it is another page I have created that users will visit.

I am trying to make a 2 step job post process.

step 1 - user selects a button with the type of job (there are several buttons for different types of jobs)

step 2 - on a new page I want the type of the job selected from the button on the first page to appear on the second page.

Do I need to create several different “things” for each job type?

I know how to create a new thing when the button is clicked, but my question is how to have that thing appear on the second page based on the button that was pushed.


Do I create a separate “thing” for each type of job/button?

Ok, so you would set the page to have a type of content of “job” (or whatever you call the thing you want to display).

When you click the button to go to the new page, the navigation action also send the thing they have clicked.

I think there is a tutorial about it.