I created a card game with Bubble

I’ve made a card game within Bubble :video_game:

About a week ago, I set myself this little challenge, to see how far we could go with workflows / custom states etc…

After hours (days) of thinking, brain twisting… I succeeded !

The result: Adventure Cards, a solo player game playable on mobile,

Everything is managed with custom states, I do not use the database (which makes the thing a real Rube Goldberg machine :joy:)

If you’re interested in the creation process and (especially) want to see the result and test the game, I’ve made a video about it (in French, no english subtitles for the moment sorry…)

URL to test the game :

I’ve added a scoreboard so we can rank each other, tell me what you think!

PS: there are still some bugs, I’ll try to fix them when I have a moment.


Looking forward to knowing more in English :smile:

Very cool or as the French say “Magnifique”.

creating a card game with bubble sounds fun
i remember dabbling in game design once with friends - it was actually chaotic but rewarding haha

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Exactly ahahah

One time, we came up with this wild card mechanic that totally changed the strategy of our game — it was a blast testing it out.

When I need a break from brainstorming game mechanics, I often find myself playing Spider Solitaire on my phone. It’s my go-to for relaxing and unwinding after a busy day of creativity. Simple games like that can be surprisingly refreshing, don’t you think?