I created a digital subscription community platform using Bubble


I’ve been spending my spare time over the past 10 months creating ‘SightingLap’ using Bubble. It’s finally in a state where I am happy to launch, and wanted to share it with the community.

SightingLap is an online content platform that lets you create your own paid membership communities.

What does the SightingLap platform offer?

  • Content creation for your community
    • Blog style posts
    • Courses - Create video and/or text based courses made up of lessons
    • Upload files for members to download
    • Create private content for specific audiences
  • Customisable unique landing page and URL
  • Subscriptions managed for you (Stripe recurring payment integration)

We have the following features coming soon:

  • Discussion feed
  • Chat room

You can check out more over on our website or take a look at our platform in action.

We offer a two week free trial, no credit card required. So if you’re inquisitive and would like to try out our platform, pop over to sightinglap.com.

Excited to hear your thoughts!


:muscle::muscle: Congrats!

Nice color palette.

I love the fresh take on this icon. Did you replace the rocket or you found it like this somewhere?
CleanShot 2021-06-04 at 13.59.45

For some reason, this really caught my eye. Lovely.
CleanShot 2021-06-04 at 13.59.56

Great looking site!

Most bubble site have that bubble feel to them, not yours :slight_smile:

Best of luck :raised_hands:


Laptop Rocket is a stock image. Im a big fan of flat vector imagery, as you might be able to tell :).

Thank you!

looks great, congratulations and success