I dont get how to make math work and show it

I plugged in Math.js (tried both local and api version).

I am trying to do super simple stuff. But the results dont show

I simply want to show this number: NumofLotteries

And I want to show calculations like (numoflotteries*10080)

My sole user has a numoflotteries field, which is profiled

So we can see there should be a 4 there

But just trying to show that 4 results in showing no number

Doing math with that number, also results in showing nothing

Frankly I dont think its the math, But I dont know why this number is not being shown

Are you logged in? It may be because of that.

I think it is. I dont want a login routine. Its an info page. I have in the data view “run as”, but it became clear that it is not running with that data.

Should I just have some sort of “log in with …” when the page loads as a workflow or something?

I created a joe@schmoe.com user. I logged him in during the page load workflow. But the number in numoflotteries is not being updated

Have you tried deleting a few of your plugins? They may be conflicting with Maths JS.

Well, I have only mathjs now an api connector and unix timestamp

I have changed the user info. But its still using ild data. Infact, an api call that was working, is not updating. I really am unsure of what is going on at this point. This should have been so simple

Try creating a new app and testing there. It could be an app-specific problem.

I beleive the problem is not around math.js or api. I think it has to do with the “when page loads” event. Something to do with user login when I dont want a user.