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Constant problems with math.js

I’m at my wits end trying to get this app to work.

Yesterday, math.js was experiencing problems. I’m amazed that no one else seems to have been affected by it like I was.

Today, math.js is working and most everything in my app seems to be working, but there are some unexplained errors here and there, all relating to math.js . I’ve tried everything I can think to do but I still get the errors.

I would really appreciate it if anyone could take a look inside my app and see if it’s something on my end or not.

The specific error occurs on the “obf_contact_page” page. Run that page, go through the booking form, on the third page, click next WITHOUT entering a coupon code and you should see the error.

Let me know if anything I’ve said isn’t making sense.

EDIT: I give up. Math.js doesn’t seem reliable. I’m going to do all calculations through bubble now, though it’s a pretty messy solution. Hope bubble supports parenthesis in calculations soon.

For math.js, sometimes expressions or values in them need url encoding.

If you want to use more complex calculations on Bubble pages, you may find the Expression element useful:

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