I found new bug

I guess I found a bug, but I am not sure.

When page width is more than 525px reg group does not go up and there is an empty white space above. There is a hidden green group above and it appears when page width is less than 525px. And when I come back to more than 525px than the empty white space disappears.

Check your conditionals. If you have it set to hide when page width < x, if you re-size above x, it will not re-show on its own. So your conditionals should look like:

Current width < x
visible = false

Current width >= x
visible = true

EDIT: sometimes I too have trouble with the Hiding Rules as set in the Responsive mode. It’s more stable to remove the hiding rule and define the conditionals directly in your group as stated above. And also make sure the “Collapse element height when hidden” is set to true on your group.

Thank you, will check it out and return to this thread.

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