Issues with Responsive Editor

Anybody else having problems today?

I’ve had to submit 3 bug reports in an hour and a half of working on the responsiveness of a page.

What kind of issues are you seeing?

One issue was that a group that has conditionals to be visible based on page width is not showing, despite the fact it has the same conditionals as other groups on the page which are functioning properly.

Issue with the collapse width function (not sure if it is some ‘intended’ function or a bug) but when the group has a left alignment the collapse margins doesn’t collapse the left margin; however, collapse margins works when it is center aligned…this may be an ‘intended’ feature, but really limits design as I can not restrict the margin the way I want by using the left alignment until the collapse margin would kick in.

Another issue was a text element that has non-fixed width is not collapsing the width after a certain point and it gets pushed to the next line.

So far today experiencing an issue with hiding rules not being followed

Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 2.37.34 PM

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