I have received my SDK Key from Zoom. Where can i insert it on my Bubble.io APp?

I would like to initiate a Zoom session from my Bubble.io App.

  • click button: join to meeting
  • initiate meeting.
  • finish meeting.
  1. On the Bubble.io side, I have purchased and installed the ZOOM API V2.
  2. On the Zoom side, I have created an app in the marketplace.
    The following info has been provided to me by Zoom:

I have no idea where should I write the value of the SDK Key provided by ZOOM in my Bubble?
Can somebody help?


Check the plugin page, have some instructions there.

Thank you @ualdir

I usually stay in this step, since when I give “Install” → authorize. I get ‘ERROR’

I don’t know what happened I’m skipping

On the other hand I don’t know where to put this verification token