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Embedding Zoom meeting in my App

Hi there,

I want to embed Zoom meetings in my app, so that users don’t need to leave the app and use the Zoom app for participating in meetings.

According to Zoom I can use their web SDK client but wondered if this was workable with bubble.

To be clear, I knwo there are Bubble plugins fro creating meetings which are great but I can;t see anythign for actually embedding the meeting itself into Bubble.

Any ideas much appreciated.

I’ve added a little info from the Zoom documentation below.



The Fully Customizable Web SDK can be imported locally into an existing Node.js app through npm, or into any HTML5 project through a CDN (content delivery network).

Before you get started:

Using the Fully Customizable Web SDK will require experience using async functions & promises in JavaScript. You’ll need a camera and microphone for testing, and a backend (server-side) service to securely generate a signature to launch a session.


Hey @martin9, any luck with this? Currently building this out now. Starting a meeting on the page is the current blocker.

Hey, @dbevan yes, got this all sorted. My app uses a JWT solution which means no OAuth and meetings created for different Zoom users on my organisations’ accounts by API. Essentially we offer yoga classes and have a bunch of Zoom licenses that the app books classes to. Let me know if you need any help or have a similar use case and I can help.

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I build a private plugin and got everything to work. All good. Thanks for your response!