I need a partner to start my company and help building app

Hello, i need a partner who knows Bubble and can get me started this company and this project that i’m woking on.

What’s the basic idea of your company?
If you don’t want to go into details what industry is it in at least?

social network mostly mobile app.

@robensleyjules, this isn’t nearly enough information for anyone to respond to. For starters, are you looking for a partner (i.e., part-owner) or a developer (i.e., someone you pay)?

If partner, you’re going to have to explain your idea to entice someone to join you. You’re also going to have to explain your motivations and why they’d want you as their partner.

If you’re looking for a developer, then ask for hourly rates and examples work, or explain the full scope of project and ask for quotes.

Best of luck!


sridharan.s i need a partner, part-owner that know how to use bubble. about my ideas i will need to meet that person so i can have a full length conversation with him.

You’ve got to pitch the community. You’ve got to answer: why would someone who can build their own product and own 100% of it choose instead to work with you on your idea and only own half of it?

I suspect you can make a case for why, but if you don’t make that case, then the only people who will reach out to people are those who don’t have very good alternative options.

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Hi Roben,

I can surely help you with the same, it would be great if you can ping me on my Skype so that we can discuss it ahead,my Skype id: cis.am2 or drop me an email to get your free estimate on anna.cis23@gmail.com.

Anna J

i believe you can be that person i am looking for, why don’t we have a videos chat so we can discuss it more.

I’m not available. Already running my own business.

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i see good luck with your business