Looking for a Development Partner

My idea is based on automating part of my day job and an existing successful business model which was my inspiration. I have the database I plan to convert into SQL (after a few minor alterations) which will hold a majority of the functionality and record storage. I need someone to partner with that can help me to build the site on bubble. I can design databases, I can design websites, but for some reason I simply cannot wrap my brain around bubble. It will need to have user accounts with team logins. Each login having different rights as assigned by the user/administrator of the account. Said accounts would be billed on a subscription basis.

Reach out to me if this is a project you would be interested in.

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I sent you a private response.

Many thanks,


I can assist you on this task.

You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com

Skype bytezular


Hello @mandyzdandy06,

Have hands on experience on Bubble and will love to assist you for this project…

Please fill me with more details at scott.cisin20@gmail.com and kindly check your inbox.

Best regards,
Scott W.

Hi @mandyzdandy06,

Just PM’d you :slight_smile:
Please, check.