I need create buttons dinamically. How do I do it?

I have a list of chapters that “id column” is the number of each book on my app. I need to link this column for show me another list with a grid of “chapters” of books. For example, The Chapter one ( Genesis ) have 50 chapters. After clicking link 1 bubble show me 50 buttons on screen.

How do I do it ?


Here’s the approach I’d use if doing this…

  • Have a datatype (ie data table) called “Book”. Also have a datatype called “Chapters”. Link them together so that each Book is linked to its relevant Chapters. Create a field in the Book datatype, which refers to the Chapters datatype.

  • On your page for users, have a repeating group for the “Book” datatype that displays the list of books. If you want to show the # of chapters, you can use the “:count” function to count and display the number of chapters linked to each book.

  • Create a repeating group that shows “Chapters”. You can create a button to hold the chapter name. Unclick the box for displaying this Repeating Group upon load, which makes it hidden. Don’t specify any chapters to be shown.

  • In the repeating group of Books, for the text field which holds the name, create a workflow that activates when the name is clicked. For the workflow, have it send the list of the Book’s chapters to the Chapters repeating group, and create a workflow step to show the Chapters repeating group.

Thanks a lot ed727. I will try to do this solution.