I need help making this workflow!

I have this group, and below I have a button “Add other group”. All I want to do is to make like this infinit loop of that workflow (the user press the button and another group appears and below that is another button). How do I do that???

  • Create a Thing in the database called “Group” or whatever.
  • Put the group and the button inside a repeating group on the page. Set the repeating group type to “Group”
  • When button is pressed, create a new Group thing via workflow.

Make sure to check out Bubble’s intro tutorials too, if you haven’t already.

Thanks for your answer! But i want it to be for inputs. Like an infinit loop of:
input: Write your name
Button: add name

and then when the button is pressed the same input and button appears. Can I do that?

Sounds like you want the last cell of the repeating group to differ from the rest. I.e. in the preceding cells you want to show the existing names. But in the last cell you want to allow for a new entry.

For that you’d actually need to use a bit of a hack. I won’t go into it here but you can check the below video if interested.

For a simpler approach, just do this:

  • Create the repeating group with input box / text box as desired to show previous names
  • Directly below the repeating group (but outside of it) place an input and a button → when button clicked, add new item for the database. This will automatically get shown in the repeating group above.

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