I need "GO TO" to be NOT the last action in the workflow

Guys, the question is very simple, but I don’t know the answer.

My current workflow ends in the following way:

… Step X —> GO TO … —> Refresh the page

I need this workflow, BUT I ged red error from Bubble. As far as I know, I CAN’T deploy my app without solving this error.

I need that workflow, because I use “GO TO {{the same page as is now}}”, I add parameters, and need a Refresh, because I have “WHEN PAGE IS LOADED” event where I use that parameters.
When I use “GO TO {{the same page as is now}}” without the refresh, then it is bad UX + “WHEN PAGE IS LOADED” event does not work.

Help me, please

Not sure if you are using url keys. If that is the case, then delete the refresh action ( the last step). Now add a new action type called ( do when a condition is true) and set it to “just once” add the condition that states when "get
key (the key value could be anything) from url is …) then refresh the page. Let me know if that works

Thank you!
What about a bad UX without the refresh?

I also need to change parameters several times on this page, not “just once”.

Then set the condition for each instance separately

Not sure what causes that. Could you please expound more or send a screenshot. What exactly is affected?

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what “affected”? These things are not bugs.

Once you choose to go to another page, no events after that will have time to run because at that point the page has closed so any further actions in the workflow will not run. This is why Bubble insists that navigating to another page can only be the last action (unless you add conditions).

That being said, I’m not clear on what exactly you’re trying to achieve with the refresh. When you do a Go To, you can add the parameters in that action and the page should reload with those parameters. You shouldn’t need to add a refresh step for this to happen. Are you seeing something different? If, for UX reasons you want the screen to visibly refresh then you can add your refresh step to your Page is loaded event (when the parakeets are set).

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood the problem though … Maybe some screenshots of your workflow actions would help me or others assist better.

By the way, if you insist of having the refresh step, add the condition This URL is not empty to both the go to and refresh actions. That should get rid of the error but I I’m not sure it will achieve the end result you want.

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Exactly. Nothing reloads

It is worthless, because my use case is VERY complicated.

I suspect that it is what I was searching for

Couple things: 1: you can take whatever action you have in “page is loaded” trigger and turn it into a custom event which can be trigger by both the workflow you’re referring to or the page is loaded. 2: you can set the refresh page as the custom event and swap it in the middle of the workflow, but I don’t think it’ll do as you expect.

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