I need help finding a plugin

Hello, I am making a login page. I want the users to be manually approved. Instead of having things in user data field like shown below. I want to have it like amazon order status if that makes any sense.

What I don’t want:

Request Submitted? (Yes / No)
Request Looked At. (Yes / No)
Request Pending? (Yes / No)
Request Accepted? (Yes / No)

What I want:

Summoning it all up.

I want a status bar like the one above. I want it to update depending on the users request status. Though. I don’t want to add 5 things to make the bar happen. I will if I have to. Just want to see if there is a plugin that is already made before I do this.

Kind Regards,

It is very simple to do it with a progress bar and custom states :wink:.

If custom_state = 1 then show dot1 and progress bar value = 25%
If custom_state = 2 then show dot1 and 2 and progress bar value = 50%
If custom_state = 3 then show dot1,2 and 3 and progress bar value = 75%
If custom_state = 4 then show dot1,2,3 and 4 and progress bar value = 100%


THANK YOU @rpetribu.

Thank you SO much for your response, I couldn’t have even guessed this one :joy:. I am going to do that now lol. Again, thanks much.

Kind Regards,

Great! :facepunch: