I Need help setting up the API Call

Budget: 20$

We have an AI in Open AI that generates text for an email based on the email recipient’s company description.
The user enters data about the recipient’s company, they are stored in the database.

Then they are sent via API Call to openai.com and we get the generated text back.

All workflows are already there.

You just need to make sure that when sending an API Call, the description of the company from the database is substituted.

We encountered this problem:
API Call sends to openai.com the text that we set when initializing the API Call in the API Connector, and not the text that the user enters. We need to find what is wrong.

@nikita.derun could you please share a screenshot of your API call setup?

In your API Connector > the API Call that you ar working with > uncheck the checkbox “Private” next to the field that you want to send dynamically :slight_smile: