Open AI plugin difficulty getting it working

Hi all,

Workflow i’m trying to get to function properly:

  1. New submission of text from multiline input form (completed successfully)
  2. Interpretation of submitted text through Chat GPT to correct errors and format properly (unable to get API call to function)
  3. Send email with proper format (completed successfully)

I have an Open AI account and have generated a secret key and input that into the API call section of the “Open AI & chat GPT” plugin to no avail. Keeps giving me error messages.

My end goal is to have any spelling and grammatical errors proofread and fixed by chat gpt, saving me editing time.


Send screenshots of your workflows. Use the debugger to identify errors. Share here.


Error code:

How come you’re not using the API connector?

That’s a great question… idk. Should I be using that instead?

Yes, you should,

Okay, i’ll give that a go. I’m very new to working with APIs, so bit of a learning curve.

In order to test the API do I need to deploy the app or can it still be in Dev mode?

You should start with the manual which will tell you everything you need to know. The API Connector - Bubble Docs

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Ah… great that’s what I was looking for. Thanks!