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I need help understanding how the Data Source works

Hi. I’m new to bubble and I am having trouble understanding how this data source system works along with this “thing”. I somehow get how to use them and all, but I’m having trouble grasping it and how it’s different from SQL databases.

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

Hey there, welcome aboard! Have you gone through the training videos in the Documentation section? That’s where I’d point you first.

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The best Lesson to understand how files are linked is the Defining a field as a list of things. You can find this on the Home page.

You may need to do these exercises a few time before you really understand what’s doing what. This one is pretty simple, but the concept is important.

Don’t be put off by the “Hard Mode” heading. That just means the arrow won’t be pointing to the next location. BUT within each little instruction box, there is a link, “show arrow” which turns the arrows on again.

Hopefully tried to explain a little here …

A"thing" is a record/row/object. Once you grok that … you are most of the way there.

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