Composite Objects - Layman's Explanation

Hi all,
I’m trying to link/filter related data types and I think linking the data types by having a composite object relating to the other data type is part of the answer however I am struggling to find any decent explanation on how this functionality works.
Does this functionality create a relation between data types? Does any of the related data type data display within the parent data type or does it just create a link that you can use to display related data?
Do you need to add items to this as a list of things to make it work or is it a pure relation to another data type?

Any help appreciated.

A composite object is another way to say “data-type”

All data-types can have fields inside them … I guess this is why they are referring to them as composite.

When you choose another data-type (single or list) inside one of your data-type fields … you are linking them.

This is the Bubble way of making joins in the database (a technical term in relational databases to describe the fact that they two or more objects are connected)

Thanks for that. I have a level of understanding of relational databases but struggling with how Bubble uses them!
How does Bubble know which field is the linking field or does it just work it out for itself?
Should any of the linked fields display data or do they just stay blank?
I have used Glideapps which uses relational DBs but with that you choose the joining field and you can see connected data in the ‘parent’ DB.



  • name (text)
  • date (date)


  • title (text)
  • project (project)

task project’s name
task project’s date