I need Help with a booking system!

im making a booking system for a restaurant, the restaurant have 12 tables per day and each table have a name for example:
table 1
table 2
table 3 etc

So i need to send a notification into the dashboard when any user send a reservation no available, for example if the Jun 30 all tables are not available and the booking system get a new reservation to this date i need to show a notification: the table 1 have 2 reservations at jun 30

Thanks for help me!

Hi Yorgio - quick question. Is this API driven, or will all of that data live in Bubble?

Hi Jon, all data live in Bubble, the table options is work with a dropdown as static choices

Any Help?

PM with what you have so far.

Thanks for the clarification, Yorgio, and apologies for the late reply. I’m quite busy at work, but I think I may have a solution for you. I will post it when I get home later in the day.


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So, I put together a tutorial video that I THINK addresses this issue. You can find it here:

In a nutshell, I created three data types: a table type for tables in the restaurant, an available times type for times that a table can be reserved, and a table booking type to join tables and available times into a reservation.

I used nested repeating groups to then create a matrix mapping reserved tables and times together.

I hope this helps you solve your issue - if you have questions about the video, I’m happy to help.


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Thank you for you tutorial, please help me with the last feature: I need to show an alert when the same table have a reservation the same day.

You can check my app here


Hi Yorgio,

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Add some kind of indicator (I’m thinking a small dot, which you can make by playing with the roundness attribute of a squared shape to each row of your repeatingGroup.

  2. Set a conditional on it with when > Do a Search For > (whatever your data Type is)

    • Set a constraint where Type date = Current Cell’s Thing’s date
    • Set a constraint where Type Plan = "Current Cell’s Thing’s plan*
  3. Back in the when of the conditional, click “more” and choose :count and then add “> 1”

  4. In the Select a property to change when true dropdown choose This element is visible and then tick the checkbox to make it active.

In a nutshell, you’ve created a visual indicator that should be shown when there is more than 1 record with the same date and plan.

Hope that helped!


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Thak you mate you are the best, i will to send a pm, i need a freelance

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