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Build a Reservation System in Cyprus with Bubble?

Hey guys new to bubble.

I wanted to ask a question is it possible to build a reservation booking system with bubble?

So mainly i want to build this for the Cyprus retail market.

So the idea for the visitor is:

Someone finds my website
Signs up
Finds a place that he wants to go (Restaurant, Bar)
Books a time, date and how many people.
30 min prior he has to confirm the reservation

The idea for the vendor (owner of the restaurant,bar) is:

He has a dashboard with all the reservations
coming in (time, date, name, phone number, table number)

He confirms them after the visitor books one.

After the confirmation the visitor gets a notification that the booking is confirmed by the vendor.

30 min prior the vendor gets a notification thay the visitor has confirmed the booking.


More details ofcourse will be added like oppening hours for visitors and so on will be added.

Can something like this be build?


Simple answer is yes, most definitely.

Thanks for your reply, so i guess its time to learn bubble!

I want to also add pricing for vendors like a monthly subscription of 10 bucks.

And if i want to turn that to an app later on for mobiles is bubble open source to do that?

That’s exactly what I’m currently building @alexismixaell, so you will definitively be ab’e to build your reservation system.

For mobile app, try to build your solution using the responsive tips, it should work

Ok thanks a lot.

Hi, I’m also doing the same but can’t get the “select available table” thing to work, how did you managed to implement it?