I need help with creating a youtube API call

Hello, I am trying to check if a user is subscribed to a channel.

I found this example:
https://www.googleapis.com/youtube/v3/subscriptions/?part=snippet%2CcontentDetails&forChannelId=[CHANNEL ID HERE]&mine=true

Now to make this an api call, I have had trouble with that. I tried to learn from a youtube plugin (that wont work as far as I know in my case) This did not work and I keept getting errors.

Would a butieful person here at the forums be able to assist me?

Mine (done ages ago) looks like this …

Can you show whats above that? That’s what I have trouble with

Doesn’t this require oauth or something?

It probably does, for added security, but the above screenshots are from a proof of concept that I did a while back, so I didn’t require oauth.

OAuth is authenticating on behalf of the User’s account.
API token is authenticating as the app’s (or app owner) account.

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OAuth was required it said so I am confused.

I think I read something about there was 2 ways to check if someone are subscribed but on one of the methods the subscribtions would need to be public. I think thats the case for @louisadekoya. However I want the user to login with their account then it to check if they are subscibed to a spesefic channel. The api thing are so confusing and I am used to the simple ones.

This is the error I am getting:

This is my setup:

Hey @ohbergan,

While state is recommended by Google, it is not mandatory. Are you able to connect without it just to troubleshoot?

I just now figured it out!
So happy, visitors can now use oauth!
Thanks for everyones help.

Can you explain what you did to fix it?

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