I need help with setting up split payments

Hey There,

I have built an app that someone wants to create an affiliate account to help sell. What this means is they get a commission from each person that signs up through them.

Here is how I envision this:

  1. Someone signs up for the app on a special page (hopefully dynamic so we can have more than one affiliate)
  2. The clients are allowed a free membership, so no commission. But if they pay for an upgraded tier, it will give commission automatically to the affiliate through ‘plaid’ or something like it. 3. It will provide the remainder of the amount to me. Say the commission is split 50-50. With this, I would like to specify the percentages somehow on the affiliate’s profile.

Here is a potential complication. It will either be a monthly subscription or a lifetime subscription. The lifetime subscription doesn’t seem complicated, but the monthly one might. I don’t know.

Please let me know if someone can do this. It’s pretty important and urgent.

I look forward to hearing from someone.

All the best,

So I made a post that rhymes a bit with this. You might check this out and modify for your own use.
If you need help LMK.

Hi Benjamin,

Are you selling with Stripe?

Yes :slight_smile:

Thank you for reaching out, I am looking for a less hands on approach. What I mean is I want to hire someone to accomplish this for me. Thank you for the information.