Stripe 3-Way Split Payments?

My current project is a platform for others to sell stuff. I need to be able to pay sellers, keep a commission, AND send a certain amount of each sale to a 3rd party. Is this possible/feasible using Bubble and Stripe?

I’ve seen @ZeroqodeSupport’s template for a Fiverr-like platform, so I know split payments are possible, but how many ways can payments be split? Are split payments built into Stripe, or is that something I’d have to manage myself?

Any input or insights appreciated!

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Hi, Shot!
Sorry not to answer your question, but I’m still trying to figure out how to make the regular split, into two parties. I’m not sure if I will have to pay for a different plan in Stripe, or if it is avaible on the free version. did you figure that out?

Yes, of course. That was well over 2.25 years ago. Stripe enables that functionality. I immersed myself in the Stripe documentation and wrote my own plugin; but of course, there are a number of Stripe plugins in the Bubble marketplace.

In brief, you need to set up a marketplace using Stripe Connect and onboard anyone who needs to get paid by your platform, whether it’s a seller or 3rd party.