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I need projects as bubble developer

Hi , i have experience of developing 5 complete projects. Now looking forward for projects.
Here is the link of one application.

you can loggin with admin credentials [email protected] pass : 123@Demo
I have Created this application for demo pupose. you can test it and know my skills.
here we have two pages one is courses where you can see all courses added by admin and 2nd is admin portal
from where you can add new courses … edit , delete and add new lesson into a specific course
moreOver i have used unsplash api where you will search some keyword and it will generate specific picture related to that keyword.

Moreover if you want you can place order on upwork.
here is the profile link

thanks in advance

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Have you worked with the new bubble responsive engine and can you build plugins? Also what is your approach as it pertains to security and privacy on production level apps?

Can I see any production level app you have built?

Also, which external backend have you worked with?

Is your sample app just a bunch of canvas elements put onto the page?

Do you have an example of an app you built from scratch?

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hey! boston yes I have application that i build from scratch …

yes i have worked with new responsive engine. I use strict privacy rules in my applications. I make sure that i give access of pages to particular user explicitly instead of using by default rules. Yes I am working on application that is almost 70 percent completed i have used stripe and sendgrid api.

Are you sure about that? (the one you linked to is certainly NOT a complete project - it’s basically an empty Canvas template, with the addition of a single very basic course module based on a couple of standard Canvas blocks)…

Maybe if you share some of the 5 complete projects that you’ve built you might get more interest…

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It seems like you are currently taking the Airdev bootcamp and you are in module 5. That is great start, however you still need to work on more complex projects before you can match production level experience, try building plugins, building complex CRMs, chrome extensions, integrate external backends like Xano, Airtable, complete million labs certification exam …I think you should also finish the bootcamp and apply to the Partner role. that would give you an evaluation of how ready you are to take on real bubble projects. I wish you good luck with your job search

thank you very much incomdies.
yes i am taking airdev bootcamp.
Thanks once again for your great advice. I am from coding background i-e i know how to code in different languages. Should i proceed with bubble ? or what do you sugguest ?

hi adamhholmes …
thanks for replying
yes this was the requirement so i did this. here are the links of other project


Sure man. I also came from a coding background to bubble. I have a degree in computer science in fact. But i’d recommend bubble anytime, anyday. I think with your skills, you can focus more on plugin building and start selling on the market place. That way you can earn some revenue and improve your portfolio/experience. Also try to finish the bootcamp, get certfied and apply to the partner role. You will learn a lot from the experience even if you don’t get in. we can connect on if you wish. I wish you goodluck ahead!


If Bubble didn’t initiate a new pricing structure based on workflow units, which very likely could lead to the platforms demise, I’d say for sure; but, as Bubble has put out and is not reversing course on the new pricing structure, Bubble very well could end up as a failed startup within the next 18-24 months IF they do not put out loads of new features to help developers build optimally with the new pricing structure and make it easier to predict the costs of operating an application within the new pricing structure.

Loads of early adopters have already left, many more are planning on beginning their departure in the near term if new features are not released to address the problems of the new pricing structure. The new pricing structure makes it much more difficult as a Bubble developer to make a living building for clients as the number of use cases for Bubble has been reduced drastically.

I started on Bubble in March 2018…I personally regret at this stage having done so as I at the current moment do not see Bubble as the same platform with the same potential it had just the day before the announcement of the new pricing structure. But, since I am so heavily invested in Bubble, I am not giving up hope so soon. I’m waiting another 5 months to see what they do in terms of new features before I begin retooling my skill set utilizing other nocode or lowcode platforms.


Thanks boston for sharing your concerns and insights regarding Bubble’s new pricing structure. I will surely consider this. I understand that the changes have caused some uncertainty and raised questions about the platform’s future.