I ve got most of my app UI together and working but need help so its responsive to other users

I have user interface pages on my app, but i have a lot of issues, only 36 out of all of the pages I created. I am all new to this, so I just need help implementing some things so when I decide to deploy the app, it will be responsive to other users, this app is more like a social media platform, and consists of a live feed, an explore feed, and a live video portion. Any help would be appreciated.


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What specifically do you need help with? If you could provide screenshots or a defined problem I can better assist you. For now, the most I can do is direct you to a video that can teach you the basics of responsive design with Bubble: https://youtu.be/6EQNVb9A4UM?si=yf8A6Yl8xMUp3Pnn.

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