App is not responding on iPhone

I have a very simple on-page app with which I am experimenting to learn Bubble. I am working with the responsiveness features and starting to understand them but . . .

With a few element groups working pretty much as I think they should, things look okay while narrowing the browser. However, when I open the app on my iPhone, it comes up in full laptop width. In addition, some of the elements are invisible.

Is there something basic I’m missing to tell Bubble to render the page for the iPhone screen size?

when you are asking for help it’s always good practice to post a link to your application “set anyone can edit” you will have a much greater chance of somebody offering to assist

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Thanks, @Bubbleboy. I am essentially a newbie at this. It took a bit to find where to set “anyone can edit”.

Hopefully, this is the link people need to access the app:

If you look at it, you’ll see that not much is going on. I’m just playing with log in/log out sequences and responsiveness.

we will need to start somewhere…

So, I’ve not touched anything… And it seems to be responsive both in the responsive you in the app and on my iPhone. I get this view in the app responsiveness window and a similar view on the iPhone using the preview button

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Thanks, @Bubbleboy. Your response made it clear that I had to look at my phone. It was using the URL for the “production” version which was one of my old non-responsive versions. Now I know how to point my phone to the development version when I need to.

Your help is much appreciated.