I want my application to automatically call an API in the backend on a recurring basis

Currently, my application will call an API after I press a button, take the results, and add certain items to my database. However, I want this to happen automatically, on a recurring basis, in the backend of my application.

How can I go about setting this up?

You can schedule a backend workflow (and inside this workflow make an action to reschedule it again) or use recurring event. To do these you need to be on the paid plan.

“ and inside this workflow make an action to reschedule it again”

Do you have an example of what this might look like in the workflow?

Inside a scheduled workflow you need to add an action to schedule the same workflow again. Here is a great guide on how to do it: How To Set Up Recursive Workflows In Bubble - Amlie Solutions

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Call “Schedule API Workflow” for future date and then Set up the backend workflow that will call the API in the background workflows.

When this workflow actually triggers, call the same API workflow again…

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