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Help With Cancelling Scheduled API's

Hi Everyone!

I learned on here through the forums how to cancel a single API workflow by assigning an API ID to a user who has scheduled the workflow, and then using that specific API ID in order to cancel it.

However, what if a user has scheduled two or more API workflows in the future? The API that is assigned to them is only the latest one that was scheduled, so how can this user (or any user) go about cancelling the first API workflow that was scheduled?



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I’m not behind my computer but if you have time, send me a message and I’ll send you the setup tomorrow.

I have this integrated in one of my templates.

You basically need to reschedule within the back-end workflow and each time make a change to the last thing containing our scheduled id.

Perfect. I can’t see an area where I can message you directly? But if you can send through the setup tomorrow that would be amazing!

Here’s the video, kindly ignore the last 30 seconds. I just found out that my current Bubble plan (legacy) doesn’t support daily recurring events :wink:


Legend! Thank you so much for your help!

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@nocodeventure Great video! :grin:

As I see your are familiar to billing and invoicing maybe you could share some knowledge🙏🏻
I’m trying to set up an API workflow with billing invoicing and sending them out by email every 1’st of the month - do you have any ideas of how you would set that up in front and backend? The main problem is to have it triggered on that exact date every month.


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Yes you need to set the Current data and time, then change the day to 1 and once scheduled, you schedule it with that date + 1 month and change the day to 1 and bubble will automatically handle it.

You can also change the month from 1 to 12 if you wish to start scheduling from next month etc.

Thank you for your reply :grinning:
But what if I wanted it to repeat it self every 1’st of the month without having to change anything?