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I want to build a Calendar webapp with Bubble

Hi all, I just heard about bubble on Product Hunt, seems like an amazing concept! I’ve had an interesting idea for a calendar app that allows insertion of images. Is this doable with bubble (calendar functionality being the foundation plus the addons second? I’m willing to work with a freelancer project based as well (to reach me or help me build it). Any advice would be appreciated!

I would suspect it’s doable depending on how you want to interact with the images.
Bubble has a calendar plugin

For example, you could definitely setup a date click and retrieve all images on that date type functionality.
If you’ve just had the idea I would recommend using bubble for the mvp and to test/validate the idea further. Happy to look at it further.

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The calendar plugin is a bit clunky, but you could probably build something quickly using it.

Outside of that, no particular reason why you can’t build it in bubble.