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I want to create something like using Amazon Api is it possible

so I want to create something like Jungle Scout another Helium 10 I believe that they both use the Amazon Api in order to get the data and there is probably some guest work involved.
How would I go about building something like this?
is it possible here on bubble?
where do I start ?


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It’s definitely possible, I believe helium 10 is similar to keepa in that they have several chrome extensions that collect amazon data from their community base to build their database. CamelCamelCamel is another on that has lost popularity (in my opinion)

I personally use Keepa for my Amazon business. The data they provide is actually a collection of historical prices and offers from the amazon marketplace(s), they have done the hard work of scraping data on a regular basis, which you can request via API. They also provide charts as well as summarized stats figures that enable users to filter through the database faster. As opposed to the Amazon API I believe they can provide a full list of Live offers through their API, which is restricted to a certain number of results in the MWS API.

Check out the plugin I made for more details, as well as the demo to see if the data is enough for what you’re looking to build.

Let me know if you have any questions.