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I want to display as default the LAST ADDED item to a dropdown. How?

I have a dropdown which the User populates by adding new items. How can I display the latest added item as the default option? Should I do this in the Workflow, or in the Design?

Would I need to add a new field, with the date and time the item was added and sort by this?

Sort the list on created date, that should be the last saved. But that would be the last saved by any user not the current user.

Alternatively, when you store the data, set the default to the value just stored.

Ah, Ok, but all data input will be for the specific user. Each user will have their own unique data set. That’s an issue I haven’t even started to think about.

Keep it simple for now.

In one of my apps I store several values ob the User as “last used” so that when they come back to the page it prepopulates.

As long as you have the mechanism for doing the lists (and I think we are nearly there) adding this at a later date should be fairly simple.

So, in Design, I set the default value to Data Type > Field > Name :sorted …but there is no Created Date to sort the list by.

To do that you would need to do a search when you set the state.

Maybe a better way is to set the default to the value they just entered ?

I think Series is now working how you want.