Multi dropdown list - Set default value from option set


After checking similar topics to find an answer, I’ve decided to ask for some help as I am not able to resolve my problem.
I have an Option Set (OS_Access Type). I use it in my User db to select what kind of access the users should have. Every user could have more than one access. However, when they sign up, i would like to have one default choice as default : Vendor_Directory_User
I tried to set the default value field but it’s not working. I’m providing the following screenshots to see if you can see what is my problem there.

Thanks for your help.

The problem is actually you set a single item in a field that expect a list.
I think your process should be
User sign up, make change to user Access type list add (default item you want)
And in the multidropdown, just use Access type list (without last item)

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Hi there, @lsepieter… I think I am understanding your post a bit differently than Jici, but it sounds like you want to have the dropdown display a default value before the user signs up, and if that is the case, you can’t reference the current user because the current user doesn’t have any values in that field yet.

If I am understanding your post correctly, your expression in the Default value field simply needs to be All OS_Access Types:filtered, and then you will filter down to the specific value you want to show as the default.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you both for your help.
I have followed @Jici instructions and got the result I want.
By modifying my workflow and use Add Vendor_Directory_User, the value has been added to the user profile.

Thanks again :slight_smile: