I want to implement this but don't know how to do it in bubble

Let’s say, I’m building a project management app and based on certain actions, I’m creating an octagon for each user. Each point shows how good or how bad the user is on a parameter
Example Parameters:

  • On time completion of task
  • Language
  • team rating on a scale of 1 to 5
  • etc.

Now on day 1, all parameters are at zero and as and when a user receives points, we keep averaging it out on a scale of 1 to 5 and create an overlay on top of the base overlay to show how the graph is moving for the user.

DB for it and managing it would be pretty easy . However making the chart , making the fluent slider for input requires plugin or some custom css. I would start checking out some plugins (Although I don’t advocate plugins) , but you can of course do it with bubble.

With chart JS, you should be able to achieve something close


Thank you so much Alan!

I’ll look for a few videos to guide me on how to build and customize it.