I want to make signup form with a unique code access

I am creating Signup form but I want that user should be use a unique to do signup. I want to give them this code. Every code should use for one user only.

When you sign an user up, you will get an uniq_id.
Every user in your database will have this uniq giant string…

Thanks for your quick reply. I need user can register at my app with that code. It should be a unique for all different users


Hummmm ok…

So… You will need to store all the valid codes in one place. You can store them in your database or as Option Set.

When your user try to create an account, you will have to:

  1. Check if the informed code exist. You can do it using a “Search for…”

  2. Check if the informed code was already used by another user. You can do it using a “Search for…”

To make the above step work you will have to create a new datatype called “Code” in your Users database and, when creating a new user, store the informed code in this field. With this action, you will link the code to this user.

  1. If the code exists and it was not used yet, you can create a new User.

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