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I would like to request new API's

Ticketmaster API -


You can use the API connector plugin to access these APIs yourself.

Have you tried that ?

Here is an example, it wasn’t hard to set up.

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Even better, make them plugins to share with others :slight_smile:


Ah, haven’t tried the connector yet. Thanks for the response!

Give it a go and ask for help if you get stuck.

Luckily these APIs seem fairly friendly, but as usual they are written in a tehie2techie fashion so can be hard to follow.

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Yeah, I’m circling back to this and I am still having issues with trying to setup another API (different from the two that I previously mentioned). Bubble being a “No Code” platform should have stuck to creating API’s that users want. That’s a “value-add” especially if I’m paying customer. Complete waste of time for something that I want to try immediately. My eyes are crossing reading through API documentation trying to figure out what I really need. There is a learning curve and is an issue.

Be sure to search the forums. I spent several hours trying to get the Twitter plugin to work to allow me to send tweets before I finally discovered (through the forum) that it cannot be used to send tweets. (But you can send tweets with the BlockSpring plugin).

Thanks… Yes, I begun to search the forum. I’ve found this API Connect Guide:

The guys at AirDev are awesome. Hopefully, I’ll give it another crack at it. My brain is fried.

Post the APi, someone will try to help.

Incredibly Awesome!

@lawrencemurry Don’t give up. As soon as you get your first API mastered, you will be blown away by how fast, scaleable, and far reaching bubble is…and they don’t pay me to say that.