Need help with APIs

Hello everyone… I’ve been into bubble for 2 months now
mastered the concept of Designing (Responsiveness) , Workflows and Databases , e.t.c

I’m advancing into APIs, anyone care to share ideas with me concerning APIs…
It’ll be very much appreciated … Thanks :blush:

Each API is different. A lot of video already exist that could help you. The first thing is to read carefully API Documentation and check the authorization part.

thanks for this…every clue is helpful

Test out your api calls in Postman before taking it to Bubble 's api connecter is really buggy and doesn’t always work even if the call is correct. I find that it helps to get the call working in postman and then copy over the same uri in the bubble editor

Honestly, totally false. If this doesn’t work, the call is not correct 98% of the time. But true that API Connector can be buggy sometimes.