I18n and language

Hi there,

I want to create a single application that manages several countries. Due to SEO purposes (and maintenance and costs) I don’t want to have subdomains.

I was thinking something like www.domain.com/us ; www.domain.com/uk so I can have a home page and content for each country. Also a pre-defined language per country would be enough, although in some countries it would be interesting to have more than one language.

Can you please help me with an explanation on how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance

@sebavalla See this section in the manual for 3 main methods to set language by country for the same app. You can also add a redirect workflow based on user language to customize homepage

… and if you’d like to get a user’s locale automagically, have a look at my free Browser Timezone and Locale plug-in…

link seems to be broken now :confused: