IBM Watson- Does it work satisfactorily work with Bubble?

Does IBM Watson APIs fully work with bubble?

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Yes, I’ve used the Watson API (specifically Personality Insights) successfully in Bubble. See working app here: The only hiccup was making sure to add an Accept: application/json header to the POST call to send dynamic data from Bubble through the API.


@edd nucleal is fun. just did my brand assessment. Great job.

One bug on the last page: “your content sounds most like an… while your content sounds most like an”

  • you’ve got the same argument on either side.


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thank you edd. Moreover, does some back-end code written in Pyton,Microsoft Excel macro function well with bubble?

Sorry, but I haven’t really tried mashing up either of those with Bubble.

(Sorry in advance for hijacking thread) Cool – thanks for trying it! And for reporting the bug – I redid all of the logic to make it go faster (went from about 90 seconds to nearly instantaneous!) but must have forgotten to add back that last condition when content archetype = self archetype.

I have also integrated IBM Watson for one of my apps and it works well! I plan on using it more in the future.

I used their image recognition tool and linked the results to Etsy… so you could upload / snap a picture and have inspired shopping results returned.

I turned both the integrations into simple plugins that you can find on the Bubble store. But, caveat, they are very simple and there is much more that both APIs can do! Watson API here and Etsy here. You can also open them up to see the integration.

On your Python question. You cannot code Python directly into Bubble but some Bubble users run scripts in different languages on a server away from Bubble and use API calls to pass data between them. So, possible, although not a ten minute job and would require technical know-how.

Ed (number two :slight_smile: )

hijacking a bit… I can’t get IBM Watson image recognition to work at all… probably it’s my inability to configure the AIP plugin - and what APIkey and IDs to use - I tried to copy the ‘Hot Dog’ example but I think the authentication has changed…
Any quick help or links to examples would be great!

thank you

@sonerkistak if you still have this question, I’ve integrated Watson conversation with my app, and have about 7000 month-to-month queries moving through.