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IBM Watson - Anyone interested?

Hi guys,

Was discussing with Emmanuel whether it would be a huge plus to have IBM’s Watson as a native api – built/hardwired straight into Bubble?

If you’re not familiar with it, 1 piece of the platform (Alchemy API) enables keyword extraction, tweet sentiments (happy, positive, angry…), facial recognition (including emotion), document sentiments, concept mapping, and so much more. Check out the demo: here and use the demo.

Obviously, Emmanuel and his team have to focus on what users will find useful. If you guys think this might be useful, then post here.


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I’ve been intrigued for a while (with the Personality API). I used BlueMix briefly but was easily overwhelmed.

What a surprise, IBM make getting API really really complex :rolling_eyes: :slight_smile:

Works quite nicely.

Yeah, I’ve looked into this as well and it would be great to have access to it on Bubble.

It isn’t that hard to access the API from bubble.

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@NigelG have you integrated the API with any Bubble applications? Or have you worked with the API in other non-Bubble applications?

I created this …

In maybe 10 minutes this morning.

Obviously very simple and need to consider the huge number of other possible uses which this presents. I am currently looking something that could use a Bot and I think alchemy can do great things.

Not saying it is always going to be easy, but as APIs go … alchemy is pretty nocode friendly.

Why not go for Microsoft Cognitive Services instead?

HI Nigel,
I’m having trouble connecting to an Alchemy API with service credentials that seem to work fine when I connect via Blockspring. Would you mind posting a screenshot of API connector configuration? I’m not sure what type of authentication I should be using.

The service credentials
“credentials”: {
“url”: “”,
“note”: “It may take up to 5 minutes for this key to become active”,
“apikey”: “xxxxxxx…”

I’m also trying another Watson API for the text to speech service. This service is not tied to Blockspring, so I’m not sure that it is working. The credentials are:

“credentials”: {
“url”: “”,
“password”: “xxxxxx”,
“username”: “xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx”

Would this setup be similar?

I’m sure that I’m missing something obvious.


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Hi Nigel,
Thanks for the reply. Now i have another question.
For the Headers:
I could not find the key ‘Content-Type’, value - application/x-www-form-urlen…

in the documentation. Where did those expressions come from?


Did you get watson to work?

I got frustrated trying to integrate it with Bubble as I was able to easily use it for other things (mainly web scraping and data mining) via Blockspring and Google Sheets.

Cool. If I work it out, I’ll post it here.

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Best thing.