iCal feed import

I’m trying to import an iCal file from a feed e.g. http://ical.mac.com/ical/Italian32Holidays.ics

The import would deliver a list of iCal events that can then be used to create Things

Whether this happens via plugin, SSA, client-side e.t.c. is less the issue. Just trying to get started…

I’m currently experimenting with AWS lambda but that’s quite a learning curve.

Anybody any ideas?

I have a plugin for that… actually two (one for server side and one for in-the-page, which is a really good trick). Not published yet.

I’m trying to figure out pricing… what’s such a feature worth?

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It would depend on the feature set, and if it needs to go through an external service which also needs to be paid for e.t.c.

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Of course it doesn’t use an external service. (All we’re doing is parsing iCal feeds here.)

My use case is parsing VEVENTS (reading vacation rental calendars from Aitlrbnb, VRBO, gcal, Apple cals, whatever) so that’s what they do now, but other things like VTODOS is possible of course.

What sort of feeds are you trying to read?


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