[New Plugin] iCal Feeder - Easy way to generate an iCalendar feed

We needed a way to easily generate iCalendar feeds to share public and private event data with our users, so we made a plugin to do it.

iCalendar feeds are consumed by iOS, macOS, Outlook, Google Calendar, Android (via Google Calendars or another app), and myriad other calendar apps out there.

It’s only three steps and should fit super easy with your existing data types:

  1. Create an API workflow.
  2. Generate the ICS/iCalendar text from the plugin.
  3. Return the data from your workflow.

You can get the plugin here: https://bubble.io/plugin/ical-feeder-1705253733752x880756344578637800

Fancy instructions and demo iCalendar feeds to try are here: https://icalfeeder.com/

On the roadmap are recurring events and domain redirects (e.g: feed.icalfeeder.com/public instead of https://icalfeeder.com/api/1.1/wf/public/)

If you have any questions or suggestions, send me a note! Thank you!