iCal file to database as a list of dates

Hello everyone!

I’ve run into an issue that I cannot seem to solve! I’ve tried everything I know and now need your help. Here’s what’s going on -

I have a “Property” Data type on my bubble database with “Bookings” as ‘list of dates’.
Then I have a iCal file (url) which contains all the dates on which the property has been booked.

I need to go to the iCal file, get the dates from that file and add them to the Bookings of the property. The iCal file has dates in “20220706” format which will also need to be parsed…! Ideally I would like to be doing this every 24 hrs so the bookings are up to date.

Please help me figure out how to go to a iCal file, turn 20220706 into date and finally add it to the property’s list of dates. If not possible in the comments, I’m also open to paying for this to be taught to me.


I’ve never tested but I guess you could probably use API Connector and do a GET request to the ics file. Set the type to “Text”, because basically this is what an ics file is!
After getting the ics file data, use regex to extract date. Maybe mix it with split by function.

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