Icon alignment bug

All my icons are disheveled. Even when I’m using align to parent in layout tab.


bubble editor

  1. With this image we can’t see the exact size of the parent group to judge if the icon is, in fact, out of alignment.

  2. The parent group have any padding?

  3. The icon have any margin?

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No padding, no margin

What about padding/margin of the parent group?

Bubble are setting padding automatically on various elements


If I’m posting on the forum, because I’ve checked all possibilities, before asking

I’ve never seen this issue. Even did a test myself, and it worked perfectly. I typically use a row, rarely Align to parent.

Create a bug report bub. You’re welcome for trying. If you’re posting on the forum with minimal information about your issue, expect others to try and learn more. I’m sure it’s not an issue with Bubble…


Something in HTML are strange, do you see the space on top ?


Icon looking normal

The problem was a bootstrap code in my header. Thanks for help