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Icons become tiny


What’s going wrong?

No clues. I delete it and redrew that group and icon still the same.

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Is this set to fixed width?

Yes looks like a bug when loading page on mobile or too small screen but after resizing to landscape it’s OK then back portrait.

Odd! - I’d recommend you make a bug report if that case so it gets picked up.

Well first I look on the forum. But don’t seem to find similar issues!

So nobody ever experienced this issue? Like icon getting compressed in a tiny dot?

Looks like a bug yes. In this case it’s into a RG and if I sort the result the bug stays in the same cells.

Even with regular bubble icons it’s not working

I added another one even tho I already deleted and replace with a new one. It even gets outside the group now…

Probably a bug. I replaced it with an image and it does the same…
Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 2.20.36 pm

Is this with the new responsive editor? Is that group set to align to parent? I’ve had this happen to me before, but deleting and re-adding fixed it.

I suppose it’s the new editor.

Align to parent? not sure where we can see this.

I tried delete and re-adding, still not working…

Fix: Ungrouped that group and show/hide instead :tipping_hand_man:

Actually It wasn’t the new editor version.

I just upgraded a simple page and already have a hard time to find out how to undo this action haha.

But I read and test the new possibilities it unlocks. Kinda annoying to have to fix a page that was working well :sweat_smile: